"The Best protection is early Detection"

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Our Story

This organization was conceived of the need brought about by many people losing their lives in our community and the world as a result of cancer and cancer related diseases which is now a global threat. Therefore, we decided to steer an awareness campaign after a young member of the church and a member of the Young Professionals succumbed to breast cancer at a tender age of 26 years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer very late and nothing much could have been done despite seeking all the possible medical interventions and performing fundraisings to assist in bills she was incurring. May her soul rest in eternal peace (R.I.P).


Cancer is now a Global Threat and the cancer situation in Kenya is dire. Some Doctors says that Cancer has become a runaway train and they handle many cancer cases in a month. It is evident that Breast and Cervical cancer are alarmingly prevalent among women, with prostate, esophagus and stomach cancer being higher among men. Prominent personalities have succumbed to Cancer in the recent past. Cancer cases have escalated mainly due to lack of awareness and poverty level as many cannot afford treatment. Even for those who can afford, it is eating away their finances and investments.



Cancer remains a dreaded ‘word’ to chat about even among health care professionals. This has made it hard for those suffering from it to get timely support. Breaking news about a cancer diagnosis to a patient makes it even more frightening to those delivering the information. Not to mention the level of stress a family of the cancer patient suffers. Even for medical practitioners, dealing with cancer patients is physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually draining. Physicians also need care encouragement from colleagues, employers and even the society.


People shy away from clinical screening and due to time, cost and lack of health awareness hence the increase in the menace. The benefit of awareness and screening is to increase chances of early detection and an opportunity for early medical intervention. If awareness is emphasized, Cancer can be eradicated to the minimal in order to save lives. Sensitization must be emphasized, especially among the grassroots people that tend to ignore the sickness, some resulting to witchdoctors.


We aim to take our patients beyond medical treatment through offering them a holistic approach to coping with the challenges of cancer. We understand that the emotional impact of cancer is difficult not only for patients, but also for their loved ones, who need to be emotionally and physically well in order to help patients heal.

The greatest benefit for awareness and early detection is to know how to avoid these terminal diseases, know the importance of frequent screening and get the opportunity for early detection and early medical intervention and the need for other interventions e.g lifestyle, diet, body exercises e.t.c

Due to the increasing numbers, the support we receive is not sufficient. Therefore we are calling upon other organizations to join with us and support this noble initiative in cash and/or in kind where applicable. We are also looking forward to open a Cancer Counseling and Awareness Centre in the near future as we advocate the best protection is early detection!

How to help:
You can support this initiative through volunteer work, monetary or in kind donations. Our bank details are:
PAYBILL NO: 522522

ACCOUNT No. 1142339696

Organizations we work with:

  1. Hospitals like Kenyatta National Hospital, Uhai Neema Hospital, St. Francis Hospital
  2. Medical Personnel-Oncologists,  Doctors, Clinical Officers and Nurses
  3. Institutions working in various levels towards eradication of cancer- Kenya Network of Cancer Organisations (KENCO), Liverpool VCT, Hope Worldwide International,
  4. Private Companies and Corporates
  5. Government Ministries – Ministry of health, Ministry of Medical services,
  6. Learning institutions and schools
  7. Religious institutions and organisations -churches.

News & Updates

Latest Events

  • Cancer Awareness and Screening at Madre Teresa Catholic Church on 3rd March 2013
  • Cancer Awareness Talk on 27th October 2012 at Queen of Apostles Catholic Church by Mrs Immaculate Kang'ethe
  • Certificate Awarding to Wairimu- the Marketing Executive of Avenue Health Care at Queen of Apostles Catholic Church Screening on 25th October 2015
  • Planting a memorable tree for Cancer Patients at Kasarani on 25th October 2014 during the Cancer Walk to mark 4 years of Operations
  • World Cancer Day breakfast meeting at Sarova Panafric Hotel on 4th February 2013
  • Candle Lighting at Queen of Apostles Catholic Church on 26th October 2014 in memory of Cancer patients